FCL Tuesdays

FCL Tuesdays

With Pitchside you can add your own chapter to London's prestigious footballing history.

With Pitchside you can add your own chapter to London’s prestigious footballing history.

Remember the early days of small-sided football? Tarmac pitches reducing your knees to bone, slipping as you run to win the ball back after the humiliation of a nutmeg while others clasp hands to mouth at your embarrassment (it’s happened to the best of us).

Warren Street’s fresh 3G surface ensures a sweet connection on your shots and gigabytes worth of goals an hour. That nutmeg will look even sweeter (and feel even worse) when you watch the best bits back on our YouTube channel.

We promise fresh footballs and the best FA qualified referees to ensure consistency of our beautiful game every Tuesday.

The league will be made up of six teams and you can keep up-to-date from anywhere with online tables and fixture lists. We’ll also have a section for the top scorers, MOTM awards and reward the best talent in the league with exclusive prizes.

Here at Pitchside, we fully believe in our mission to create a safe, friendly and fun environment within local communities, connecting those with a shared love for the beautiful game to the very best leagues across London.

To sign-up complete a form here, or contact Jason (your dedicated league manager).


£65 per week - to pay for multiple weeks just use the drop down and select the number of weeks you'd like to pay for. All match fees must be paid the Friday before your game.

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