The beauty of football is its universality.

The beauty of football is its universality.

The same game created in Cambridge during the mid-1800s is the same game played in the favelas of South America, the villages of Africa, the hockey cages of Russia and the multi-million pound professional stadiums of Europe and beyond. Small-sided football is even more accessible: two goals, one ball and an even number of players – you have yourself a game of football.

Here at Pitchside, we believe small-sided is more than a game – it’s a culture. The people behind this football revolution have refereed, played and coached in amateur football for the past decade, giving us a unique insight to what players (not customers) want.

Too many companies charge outrageous match fees, only to present players with sub-standard facilities and cheap, plastic trophies  – we think players deserve better.

Something changes inside when you step on to a football pitch. Whether it’s the hallowed turf of Wembley for an FA Cup Final or the newly-laid 4G of your local centre for a game against your league rivals, you step out ready to perform to the best of your ability, leave everything out there and, crucially, make a positive impact.

Pitchside has exactly the same mindset.

We will strive to give you the best time on the best pitches so win, lose or draw you never walk away feeling cheated. We’ll work tirelessly to bring you an all-round football experience.

We’re on a mission to reimagine the universal game. That positive impact? We don’t just want to create leagues, but communities. It’s why we’ll introduce annual cups where Pitchside teams can compete. It’s why we’ll host our own ‘Ballon D’Pitchside’ Awards Night every year, offering prizes for the best goals, players and blunders. We want people to appreciate and recognise what makes small-sided football so unique.

This is more than just business blunder, this is our entire top-down philosophy. No matter how much we expand we’ll never forget our ethos: to run the very best football leagues across London for the people that make the small-sided game so special – you, and your teammates.


£65 per week - to pay for multiple weeks just use the drop down and select the number of weeks you'd like to pay for. All match fees must be paid the Friday before your game.

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