All the T&Cs on which Pitchside London Ltd accepts individuals and teams wishing to participate in a Pitchside league are outlined below. Bookings will only be accepted subject to the agreement of these T&Cs.


1.1 When a team joins the league and confirm their participation, they are forming a
contract with the league organisers and will be agreeing to the terms and
1.2 All participants agree to abide by the league playing rules which can be found on
your league page.
1.3 All players registered to your team must be aged 16 or over. All club captains must
be 18 or over.
1.4 At the end of the season all teams must confirm their place in the new season.


2.1 All teams must pay in full for their games online before kick-off.
2.2 If the full match fee is not received before the game, the league organisers will
remove all goals scored by the team until payment is received.
2.3 If a team fail to pay their full this shall be deemed a breach of rules and the league
organisers reserve the right to remove the team.
2.4 The team captain is responsible for any underpayments and the teams statement.
2.5 The league organisers reserve the right to withhold end of season prizes if the teams
account is in arrears.
2.6 Pitchside do not accept cash.


3.1 If a team is absent for a fixture the opposition will be awarded with a 3-0 victory.
For a team’s first two cancellations they must cover their own match fee and half of their oppositions fee. Any cancellations after will result in the team paying their fee along with their oppositions. This refreshes every season.
3.3 If a team are absent and do not inform their league manager a £20 penalty fee will be added to their cancellation cost.


4.1 A team can only leave the league at the end of a published season.
4.2 When a team join the league they are agreeing to fulfil fixtures for the length of that season. If a club wishes to withdraw from the league before the end of the season they must cover the fees for the remaining games for that season, unless the league organisers can get them replaced.
4.3 If a club wishes to leave the league they must inform the league organisers a week prior to the season ending, this will prevent them being enrolled into the new season.


5.1 All participants of the league understand that football is a contact sport which carry an element of risk.
5.2 The league organisers ensure a suitable venue and match official are provided to teams. All participants understand and agree that the league organisers do not own the venues and are not the sole users of the venue, therefore have no control of persons using the facilities during the evening.
5.3 The team captain is responsible for their club and ensuring they do not allow their club to participate in a game unless they are satisfied that the pitch surface and all other conditions are safe.
5.4 If a team believe there are any dangers, misconduct or violence they must report it to their league managers at their earliest convince.


6.1 The team captain is responsible for the conduct of all players and spectators with the team. If the captain fails to contain the conduct of players and spectators will result in the team captain being responsible for any fines.
6.2 All players that play in any Pitchside leagues participate at their own risk and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure they arrange either their own insurance cover or a team’s insurance cover that will cover them for injury. Pitchside take no responsibility for any injuries sustained which playing in their leagues.


£65 per week - to pay for multiple weeks just use the drop down and select the number of weeks you'd like to pay for. All match fees must be paid the Friday before your game.

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